A great deal of emphasis has been given in the national literacy mission to the use of mass media for:
  • Creation of a suitable environment for literacy
  • Enriching the process of teaching and learning
  • Providing resource support to the agencies involved in the programme
  • Imparting information and education to the client groups for positive perception
  • Generating demand for literacy
  • Creating awareness among people/communities.
Progress Achieved
  • Production of electronic software started in the year 1986 in a humble way.
  • Momentum increased after launching of National Literacy Mission in 1988.
  • Around 400 programmes of varied duration & episodes produced in Hindi and other regional languages, which can be broadly classified as follows:
  • Motivation/mobilisation
  • Training
  • Instructional
  • Now production of media software done only through the empanelled producers.
  • Empanelment done in January, 2000, through paper notification. 93 producers empanelled. 
  • Proposals received from the empanelled producers are scrutinized and approved by the Communication Planning and Costing Committee (CPCC)
  • Programmes produced are telecast both on DD-1 and Gyan Darshan, IGNOU.
  • The literacy spots are telecast both on DD-1 and DD-2.
  • Radio programmes are broadcast on AIR, Vividh Bharati and FM channels and also from Gyanvani through IGNOU.
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) facilities used to the maximum in selected railway stations.
  • Press Ads. released through DAVP in connection with International Literacy Day - September 8 and similar such occasions.
  • Literacy ads/slogans released through railway tickets and postal stationery.