NLM Goals

The goals of the National Literacy Mission is to attain full literacy, i.e., a sustainable threshold level of 75 percent by 2007.The mission seeks to achieve this goal by imparting functional literacy to non-literates in the 15-35 age group. This age group has been the focus of attention because they are in the productive and reproductive period of life. The total literacy campaign offers them a seconds chance, in case they missed the opportunity or were denied access to mainstream formal education

has been enlarged to include people in the age group 9 to 14 years, in areas not covered by the non-formal education programme, to ensure that the benefits of TLCs are made available to out-of-school children as well.

Special care is taken to bring disadvantaged groups like women, scheduled castes and tribes and backward classes into the programme. The basic objective is to create a generation which will ensure that their children are educated, to realize the dream of Education For All.

NLM OBJECTIVES: In quantitative terms, the Mission seeks to impart functional literacy to all non-literate persons in 15-35 age group.

In qualitative terms, functional literacy implies:

  • Self-reliance in 3 R's
  • Becoming aware of the causes of deprivation and moving towards amelioration of their condition by participating in the process of development
  • Skill improvement to improve economic status and general well being.
  • Imbibing values of national integration, conservation of environment, women's equality and observance of small family norms etc.

  • Target for XIth plan-85% Literacy rate.
  • Reduction in gender gap in literacy to 10%.
  • Reduction of regional,social and gender disparities.
  • Use of ICT for Literacy.
  • New models of Continuing Education.