State Literacy Mission Authority

The National Literacy Mission has decided to rejuvenate the State Literacy Mission Authorities (SLMA) and to make them functional with adequate financial and administrative powers.
The State Literacy Mission Authorities are bodies registered under the Societies Registration Act with an SLMA Council, headed by the Chief Minister, and Executive Committee, headed by the Chief Secretary / State Education Secretary. The State Directorate of Adult Education is the secretariat of the SLMA and the Director of the State Directorate of Adult Education is the Member Secretary of the GC/EC, SLMA.
NLM has also empowered the SLMAs to approve the projects for Continuing Education with funds placed at their disposal.

The SLMA is a registered body having a properly constituted (a) General Council headed by the Chief Minister/Education Minister as ex-officio President; and (b) Executive Committee headed by the Chief Secretary/Principal Secretary/Education Secretary of the State.

The Director of Adult Education will be the Secretary of the registered society. He will also be the Member-Convener of both the General Council and the Executive Committee.

Composition of General Council/Executive Committee includes non-governmental organisations, eminent educationists, social activists, elected representatives, programme implementers, representative of the Continuing Education Department of Nodal Universities and the Government of India nominees. In no case should the membership of officials in the General Council or the Executive Committee (EC) exceed 50%.

The SLMA will necessarily include the Director General of National Literacy Mission (DG, NLM) or his nominee in the General Council.

Similarly the Executive Committee of the State Literacy Mission Authority would also necessarily include Director General of National Literacy Mission or his nominee. The SLMAs also ensure adequate representation of the Panchayati Raj Institutions in the Council and the Executive Committee. For sanctioning of projects the EC of SLMA constitutes a Project Approval Committee (PAC) with 4 members from its Executive Committee of whom one will be an official.

The State Directorate of Adult Education functions as the Secretariat of the SLMA.


  • (a) General Council

    (i) Laying down policies and giving guidance and direction for efficient and effective functioning of the SLMA.
    (ii) Broadly oversee the progress of the literacy programme and agencies involved in the movement.
    (iii) Mass mobilisation involving all the sections of the people, political as well as social.
    (iv) The representative of the Government of India (NLMA) may withhold his agreement or concurrence to any of the proposals/recommendations/directives/ orders/ resolutions/ agreements of the General Council. In all such cases the matter will be referred to the Executive Committee of the NLMA for final decision.

  • (b) Executive Committee

    (i) Holding quarterly review meetings to review the progress of the performance of the TLC/PLP/CE districts.
    (ii) Arranging the evaluation of TLC/PLP/CE project whenever they become due.
    (iii) Holding orientation workshops for collectors and other district level functionaries.
    (iv) Sanctioning research projects and studies.
    (v) Holding sensitization workshops for evaluation agencies in the State.
    (vi) Undertaking media activities at the State level to promote literacy programmes in the State.
    (vii) Monitoring the progress of TLC/PLP/CE districts.
    (viii) One of the primary functions and responsibilities of the SLMAs would be to plan their programmes and activities from the Panchayat level, bottom upwards to block level, Municipal level, district level and State level.
    (ix) To sanction, monitor and review Continuing Education Programmes in the respective States.
    (x) The representative of Government of India (NLMA) may withhold his agreement or concurrence to any of the proposals/ recommendations/ directives/ orders/ resolutions/ agreements of the Executive Committee of NLMA for final decision.
    (xi) Performing any other functions with the purpose of implementation of TLC/PLP/CE projects.

  • (c) The Directorates of the SLMA will have the power to engage consultants (not exceeding 5) purely on contract basis at a fixed monthly honorarium for a period of one year extendable by another two years.

    (a) NLMA will retain the residual powers to sanction projects in special cases.
    (b) NLMA will have the powers to review and rescind the powers delegated to SLMA. For such resumption of powers NLMA will review from time to time the performance of SLMAs with regard to sanctioning of projects, implementation of projects in the field as well as financial performance/irregularities.

(i) TLC/PLP/CE proposals would be considered by the PAC of SLMA only after they have been appraised by two consultants.
(ii) The Chairman Zilla Saksharata Samiti would make a presentation of his project proposal before the PAC, SLMA which will be followed by presentation of the appraisal report of the consultant. Care will be taken to ensure that 10 preparatory activities have been carried out in adequate measure before the project is approved. In addition, the Executive Committee of State Literacy Mission Authority may evolve some additional criteria and parameter for approving projects.